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Password change

Please change your password at:

You have to use the box on the right


Password policy

  • The password must contain 8 characters or more
  • The password cannot contain all or a part of the username. The system remembers the password used, so it should be another password each time.
  • The password should contain characters in three of the following four categories:
    • Small letters from a to z without Polish characters.
    • Capital letters from A to Z without Polish characters.
    • Numbers from 0 to 9
    • Special characters e.g. ! # $% ^ & * () _ + {}: “; ‘,?


Although it is possible to use national characters in the password, please do not use them. The safe alphabet for use in passwords is:
[abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789!#$%^&*()-_+=~[]{}|\:;?/ @]

Password validity

The password is valid for 180 days; 15 days before the expiration date, you will be notified of the need to change it during local login. You will also receive this information by email 7 days before the password expires. After three unsuccessful authorization attempts the account is blocked for 2 minutes.

Forgotten password

Go to http://hasł and enter your login and follow the on-screen instructions. A link to create a new password will be sent to the email provided during the recruitment process.

Firstly you have to use the box on the left


Now, click that yellow icon

Where the password works

We try to make each user have as few passwords as possible to remember. We try to integrate each new service that we introduce with the password database held in Windows Active Directory. Unfortunately, there are still services that cannot be integrated with AD.

Currently, PJWSTK domain passwords work on the following websites:

  • Login to windows
  • edu (access via www)
  • www (access via sftp)
  •, dean (access via www)


Domain passwords do NOT work on sites:

  • MySql (
  • Oracle
  • Virtual machines for student projects
  • Design laboratories (multimedia etc)

Languages: plpolski