E-mail aliases

Languages: plpolski

There is a service at http://alias.pjwstk.edu.pl, where you can set up your own aliases for your mail accounts.

Aliases can be changed once per semester. When this is possible, you will see the “Change” button next to the alias in the “Aliases” menu. Once you enter a new alias name, you need to wait for it to be accepted. Administrators decide on the approval. If the alias has been accepted its status will change from “pending” to “accepted” and within a dozen hours or so from the approval it will start working. If the alias is rejected, it simply disappears from the alias list. If the alias has been rejected, you will still be able to change it. If you need more aliases than you currently have, you will need to write an application and report to room 208. Additional aliases are allocated ONLY in special cases. If an additional alias is assigned then the approval procedure is identical to the alias change.
If you decide to remove the alias, this is equivalent to changing it to an empty one. This means you do have space for the alias, but it is not usable until the next semester.

Please make reasonable manipulations with your own aliases, as any request to revise or restore an alias removed prior to the new semester will, aside from special cases, be unequivocally denied.

Aliases that are offensive, unethical, curses, personating, etc., will be discarded, and the higher number of attempts to create such aliases will make it impossible to have an alias.

In addition, each user of the email account in the domain pjwstk.edu.pl also has an email in the domain pj.edu.pl.

So, for instance, if you own an account named s25987, you have the following email addresses: s25987@pjwstk.edu.pl and s25987@pj.edu.pl
In addition, if you have, let’s say, an alias named mojfajnyalias, then you also own the following email addresses: mojfajnyalias@pjwstk.edu.pl and mojfajnyalias@pj.edu.pl

To log into your account, you always have to use the main login (or e-mail), that is s25987 or (s25987@pjwstk.edu.pl).

Languages: plpolski