Own website

Languages: plpolski

Any user of the PJATK domain may have his/her own website on the school server.

Simply prepare your website, log in via SFTP and put your website into the USERNAME/www. directory (where USERNAME is the username) Instructions here.

The webpage can also be placed directly on the disk z:\ in the public_html directory. This applies to domain users of PJATK in Warsaw. Those with accounts in Bytom and Gdańsk should connect through SFTP.

The page must start with index.html file or index.htm or index.php. The site will be available at: http://www.users.pjwstk.edu.pl/~user, where user is the username in the PJWSTK domain.

When designing websites www, keep in mind the standards. After creating the page, please check if it is valid on the page: validator. It is also recommended that the page encoding be in UTF-8. We remind you that the appearance of the page reflects its author.

Do not place commercial, religious, political, harmful, inappropriate, immoral or illegal websites. It is not allowed to place commercial advertisements not affiliated with PJATK. You may not use the site for commercial purposes. Do not use the server to send unsolicited messages.
Those who violate the rules of using the web server will have their accounts blocked. In case of the next policy violation, the school authorities will be notified of the incident.

Languages: plpolski