Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is launched and available for both students and employees. It allows access to school resources from any place on the Internet, as if the computer was connected to the network in PJWSTK.

Automatic configuration

Just install the PJWSTK-VPN application:

It allows access to both university resources and further use of the Internet connection. In addition, it allows mapping network drives.

Manual mapping of network disks:

In case of issues with automatic mapping of disks (e.g. drive letter p:, w: or z: is already in use), manual mapping may be required. The full path is:

\\\Users\LOGIN – for disk z:
\\\public – for disk p:

You will need to provide credentials from the PJWSTK domain.

Configuration in GNU/Linux in Network Manager

VPN connection type: PPTP
Authentication method: MSCHAPv2
Security: MPPE
Echo: PPP packets

IPv4 settings


  • Address: Mask:
  • Address: Mask:

Ignore autorouting – YES
Using connection only for resources in this network – YES


VPN for MacOS

Languages: plpolski