WiFi Eduroam

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PJWSTK is a member of the Eduroam Confederation thanks to which people who have accounts in our domain can access the Internet at other universities (see the current list of partners at https://www.eduroam.org). The wireless network is available almost everywhere on the PJWSTK campus, so you need to set up your computer to use it.

Automatic configurators:

Configurator for: Windows 10

Configurator for: Windows 8

Configurator for: Windows 7

Configurator for: Windows Vista

Configurator for: Mac OS Mojave

Configurator dla: Mac OS Catalina

Configurator for: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Configurator for: Android

Configurator for: GNU/Linux (popular desktop distributions)

Installers can also be downloaded from cat.eduroam.org

Data for manual configuration:

Recommended Wi-Fi settings:

SSID: eduroam
Type: WPA2-Enterprise
Key Exchange Scheme: AES
Authentication Type: EAP-PEAP-MSchapv2
IP Address: Granted by DHCP

Settings that are compatible with systems that do not support the recommended settings:

SSID: eduroam
Type: WPA-Enterprise
Key Exchange Scheme: TKIP
Authentication Type: EAP-PEAP-MSchapv2
IP Address: Granted by DHCP

In case it is not possible to configure the network using the above settings, it is possible to connect to an unencrypted network with an SSID: PJWSTK and to authenticate using a form on a web page. This is the least secure way to connect and the data you send can be overheard by outsiders.

Note: Username should be in the format login@pjwstk.edu.pl
Also remember to add a PJWSTK CA certificate to a trusted certification authority.

Configuration data for Android

For correct configuration on Android devices you need to manually configure the connection:

Configuration data for Windows Phone

For correct configuration on Windows Phone devices, just select the eduroam network and enter your login and password:

Languages: plpolski