Remotely connect to computers using VMWare Horizon

Languages: plpolski

The university provides students with the use of software on university computers during quarantine, through remote access thanks to VMWare technology. In addition to physical computers, which can be used according to the assignment to the schedule (the student uses the room in which he has classes at a given hour according to the assignment from the schedule), there are also virtual labs – they start with VLAB, they can be used without restrictions.

Lab pools may look a bit different than on the screenshots – they change quite dynamically due to the changing needs of classes.

To connect, please download and install VMWare Horizon Client software from VMWare official website. The installation itself does not require any interference, after starting the installer, just click Install.

After installation, run the program:

We add a new server:

We enter our login details along with the domain:

After logging in, pools of rooms with their names should appear:

Optional: by default, the Client connects to the remote computer using all displays, but if you prefer to use only one monitor, just right-click on the pool and in the Display submenu select Fullscreen.

Languages: plpolski